Space Sterilizer

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Product introduction
Indoor air and microbial contamination on the surface of the object is one of the transmissions of infectious disease, to eliminate and control the pathogenic microorganism, the prevention and control of cross infection is very significant. Developed by the Germanic air disinfector, SeptProtectol® is the only one of the China's ministry of health permission certificate for air disinfector. It uses hydrogen peroxide disinfectant formula of patent protection, has a broad spectrum of high efficiency, with good stability and diffuse higher advantage, after using hydrogen peroxide decomposition themselves produce water and oxygen, no any toxic substances harm to your health.
Products Features
Broad-spectrum and highly effective

Verified by German and Chinese authorities, for Mycobacterium smegmatis, Acinetobacter baumannii, Staphylococcus albus, etc have efficient killing effect more than 40 kinds of pathogens of infectious diseases.
Good Stability
Chinese center for disease control and prevention, environment and health related product safety tests confirmed by hydrogen peroxide in the disinfectant properties is stable, reliable in quality.
Good dispersibility
SeptProtectol® air disinfector through high pressure flow energy, aerosol disinfectant, quickly and evenly dispersed to disinfect space, with a good contact with air and object surface, achieve the goal of effective disinfection.
Environmental friendly, non-toxic and stimulation
Disinfectant uses patented formula of hydrogen peroxide solution, does not contain chlorine, phenol, aldehyde, quaternary ammonium salt, acetic acid, etc., with 99.9% of the biological adaptability, after its decomposition form water and oxygen, no residual toxicity, the disinfection equipment, space objects are no corrosive.
Easy and automatic operation
When used for the first time, you only need to calculate good room volume input devices, sterilizer can automatically release the right amount of disinfectant; After disinfection, the instrument automatically shut down, the whole process without human intervention.
Range of application
SeptProtectol® air disinfector can be applied to all kinds of medical institutions, universities and research institutes, and also can be used in hotels, airports, kindergartens and other crowded public places.

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